About Us

Our roots

Watermark Community Church began as a church plant from Island ECC, led by Tobin and Christina Miller and a core group of 43 people. Our first service was held on October 10, 2010 at Cyberport. Over the years, God continued to grow the church despite the lack of a permanent venue. In 2016, God led us to Ebenezer School in Pok Fu Lam, which serves as our regular meeting place today, and He also provided us with a new community centre in Sai Ying Pun. Throughout our history, God has continually reinforced our biblical conviction that the church is not a building, but is about the people.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is “to make mature disciples of Jesus who impact the city of Hong Kong for the glory of God.” Our vision is “to see the growth of gospel communities of mature disciples of Jesus, raised up and released, to advance God’s kingdom in Hong Kong and beyond.” What does this mean?

“make mature disciples of Jesus”: As broken sinners who follow Jesus (disciples), we seek to move the sceptic and the believer on their journey towards Christ (make disciples). As we mature, every aspect of our lives is increasingly shaped by Jesus.

“gospel communities”: We believe that real community is the primary ‘greenhouse’ for making disciples. Our prayer is that God will enable us to multiply healthy communities, centred on the gospel, around Hong Kong.

“raised up and released”: Every disciple is also called to be a disciple-maker. Therefore, we want to equip every believer to use their gifts, time and resources to serve and invest in helping others move towards Christ. We want to live all of life with this ‘gospel intentionality’ – loving our neighbours, doing justice and speaking the gospel. We believe this will impact the culture of Hong Kong.


Our Beliefs

Core Values


The heart of the gospel message is that God saves sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ ‒ not by your effort, but God’s grace.


We are all created for community, a spiritual family that loves you for who you are, and loves you enough to help you become who God created you to be.


We are called to take part in God’s mission to bring healing and restoration to our city and world, by sharing His love in both our words and actions.

Servant Leaders

2018-01-31-PHOTO-00000556 2

Jesus is both the one who builds His church and our model for servant leadership. Under His leadership and following His example, Watermark is led by a team of elders who serve the church family by overseeing our direction and spiritual health (photographed above from L-R: Oscar Chow, Edward Tsui, Kevin Murphy, Franklin Tseng, Graham Smith, and Chris Thornton).



Worship Arts

We believe that worship is our positive response to God’s revelation. Our worship arts include all the artistic elements of our corporate worship, including everything done by our production crews, musicians, service directors, and Scripture readers to lead our church in worshipping God.



We exist to see the Gospel transform kids’ hearts, and aim to help kids become followers of Jesus Christ. On Sundays, children experience worship together with all generations, then go to class, where they learn about God’s Word and how to apply it in a context they can best understand.



We aim to equip parents to disciple their youth, enable others to speak truth into the lives of students, and prepare youth to take the next step in their personal journeys with Christ. Friday night fellowship and teaching takes place regularly at the Watermark Community Centre.


Community Groups

Gathering regularly in various locations, small groups of people connect with Christ as the common focus. We believe that church is not just an event you attend, but a community centred on the Gospel and sharing life together, in a way that is visible for those outside the church to see.


Mandarin 普通话

Watermark Community Church 普通话事工主要服事说普通话的大学生,博士生 ( 磐石普通话团契 ) 以及职业人等各届人士 ( 方舟普通话小組 ),希望为在港学习或工作的基督徒提供一个属灵的家。通过周日敬拜及周间查经和聚会,我们希望彼此鼓励共同在基督里成长,讨神的喜悦,并成为香港这个城市的祝福。



The HKU International Christian Fellowship (ICF) is a community of English-speaking HKU students on a journey to get to know more about the Christian faith and its claims about life. We welcome all students to join us for bible study, praise, socials (eating, biking) and group discussions. 



Our vision is to train and equip people to understand and care for one another. We provide courses on topics such as biblical counselling, listening skills, and how people change. We also provide private Christian counselling services regarding premarital matters, stress, and personal growth.


Missional Justice

The Bible teaches God’s heart for justice and love for the poor and marginalised, so we are called to have the same heart. We partner with several mission organisations to reach out to those trapped in our city’s red-light districts, vulnerable teen moms, and marginalised inner city minorities.


Ministry Support

Every aspect of our church requires administrative support, which makes this a unique ministry in and of itself. What we do as a church could not happen without this dedicated work in doing ministry behind the scenes and taking care of our facilities, finances, and other resources.


Service & Events

We gather every Sunday for worship service at 10:30am. The venue is usually the Ebenezer School (Jockey Club New Wing), but please check this website for any updates before visiting. There is no dress code, but many of us usually wear ‘smart casual’ attire. You can expect a 90-minute liturgy/program, including Scripture reading, singing, prayer, preaching, and Communion (the Lord’s Supper, Eucharist). Children will usually join us in the service before being dismissed to their own age-specific gatherings. We also usually have a church-wide lunch twice a month.

Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, 131 Pok Fu Lam Rd.
薄扶林道131號 心光盲人院暨學校
Sundays, 10:00am Pre-Service Prayer, 10:30am Service

Bus: 4, 4X, 7, 37A, 37X, 40, 40M, 90B, 91, 94, 970, 970X, 973
Minibus: 22, 23, 31
Nearest MTR: Kennedy Town or HKU

Weather Policies: For slope safety, no parking will be available when an Amber, Red, or Black rainstorm warning is in effect between 10am and 1pm, so please make alternative travel arrangements or park at Queen Mary Hospital. Service will be cancelled if No. 8 tropical cyclone signal (and above) or Black rainstorm warning is in effect at 7am or is expected to be issued in the morning.

Coming Events

Contact Us

Watermark has an office and ministry home in Sai Ying Pun. We believe all people have been created for community, a product of the gospel. God provided this space to allow us to put community into practice and serve the people of this city. During the week, we host our own ministry and outreach activities, as well as those of our partner organisations. You are also welcome to book it or drop by.

*Please note that this is not the location of our Sunday Service.

5th Floor, 6 Wilmer St., Sai Ying Pun
西營盤 威利麻街6號 5樓
Monday-Friday, 9:30am-6:00pm
Sai Ying Pun MTR Exit A1
(+852) 2857 6160
(+852) 2857 6100

For bookings, please contact:

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The Watermark app is our primary communication platform and a great way to stay connected with the church and fellow members. Features include our church family calendar, news, serving opportunities, sermons, bulletins, Bible studies, ministry groups, and even a built-in Bible and journal for you to take notes. Please allow app notifications on your device so that you don’t miss important updates!

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