Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (Biblical Counselling Course)

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This event finished on 30 April 2018

INSTRUMENTS IN THE REDEEMER’S HANDS How to help others change (By: Paul Tripp)

This course has been part of the Redeemer’s Counselling Centre in New York for a number of years. It is the following up to the “How People Change” course we offered last year.

If you have taken How People Change before or not, this course is helpful for all Christians. The course is focused on;

  • Equipping you for personal growth
  • Understanding how to serve one another through a personal ministry in counselling
  • Be excited about serving others as God changes you
  • Learn practical ways to start a personal ministry in Biblical counselling

This course is great for anyone who has been in a place of a listener, who friends confined in, who keeps secrets for others, who share hurts and suffering of others, who prays for others and have a patient for mercy. This is a practical course to equipped you and bring you closer to Christ.

Dates: January 15 (Monday) 12 sessions 

Times: 7:30pm to 9:30pm 

Cost: $150 (whole course) **limited to 10 spots only** REGISTER HERE